"Since training at Body By Design with Mark for the past ten months my general health, fitness level and strength has greatly improved from what it had been. Weight training was a new experience for me. The physical and mental benefits gained from working out with Mark has manifested in my overall health and appearance. Mark is an extarordinary trainer. He puts forth a lot of effort to insure that the gym is very neat and very clean with excellent equipment. There may be four people maximum working out at the same time. I find Mark possesses a high level of knowledge and skill which is used to work with each client on an individual basis. Mark is accommodating, pleasant and dynamic. After the completion of my workout I feel that I have accomplished something and also look forward to my next workout with great anticipation."

April 18, 2015

Rosalee Eisenstadt                                              Manhattan Beach 73 years YOUNG!

"If I could give a 10 I would. He is that good.

Mark Gontar is one of, if not the best trainer that I have ever had. When I worked out at his gym consistently, in the past, it was weird how good of a body I had. I didn't know why it was happening or really appreciated, at the time, how lucky I was to have stumbled upon him."

July 7, 2012

Marie G

We love Rosalee. You go girl!

"Mark is amazing!  He helped me lose a

grand total of 100 pounds!  I really owe my life to this guy."

April 22, 2012

Emily Walkley

Manhattan Beach

"I decided to find an excellent trainer to lift weights after I was told I had Osteoporosis at the age of 55. After reading several books, I leaned weight training was my best option. I found Mark and have been working out for a little more than two years. All the hard work was worth it when I received my new bone density and no longer have osteoporosis. I feel much younger and stronger and healthier. I highly recommend going to Mark."


Manhattan Beach

"Dedicated to your success"

"I have been working out with Mark on and off for almost 3 years now. I love coming to this gym! Mark is extremely knowledgeable and attentive. He provides a great workout tailored to the individual. Some days, there may be 3 or 4 clients working  out, but Mark manages to keep us all on pace. Other days, it is only me. The gym is clean, has great music, and a variety of equipment. I highly recommend Body By Design."

February 16, 2014


Manhattan Beach

"One year ago I started my experience at Body By Design with Mark. There were many moments when I wanted to give up on the workouts and the diet, but there was one person who was always there and supported me without fail and that person was Mark Gontar. Thanks to Mark I am strong, in shape and healthy. Mark's dedication in seeing me succeed was really inspiring and changed my life."

Jeff Palmer                                         Manhattan Beach

Jeff lost 124 pounds in one year at Body By Design!                                                        

"Mark is an impressive trainer that gets real results in reducing body fat, improving bone density, increasing strength, and creating a nice physique. I had two other personal trainers in the past with only minimal results.I joined Body By Design a few days after my doctor told me that my bone density had decreased to the start of the osteopenia range and that my body fat was 26%(skinny fat). In just eight months, my bone density is now in the NORMAL range! My body fat has reduced to 22%, no longer skinny fat. I have gained muscle, including emerging six pack abs, and have lost an inch and a half from my waist and the same from my hips.  Prior to joining Body By Design, I thought walking and doing 100 jumping jacks per day would increase my bone density. I did this for a few years and my bone density declined every year. You need the expertise of a personal trainer like Mark who emphasizes good form in teaching women how to to strength train by lifting weights. He has a keen sense on how to read a client's physique and adjust workouts at every session for maximum results. In many ways, Mark has given my my life back.....thank you!

Loretta                                                                                January 18, 2015                                                             Manhattan Beach