Q: My last trainer was very flakey and late all the time...can you assure me that won't happen here?

A: I GUARANTEE that won't happen here. I will be here at least 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment waiting for YOU!

Q: Do you work with people with injuries and can you design a program that might work for me?

A: Whether it is a knee or a shoulder or a back injury I can design and modify a program that will work for you.

Any exercise can be altered to accommodate you and speed up your healing time and strengthen your muscle/injury.

Q: Can I try out a session to see if I like it?

A: Yes. No problem.

Q: How long have you been training and how long have you been in that location?Where are you from?

A: I have been training/working out for 30 years and training clients since 1992. I have been in the same location in Manhattan Beach, Ca since 1996.  I moved to the South Bay in 1989 from Westport, Connecticut. 

Q: My current gym feels like it is 5000 degrees in there. Do you have AC/fans?

A: The first thing I do is put on the AC when I arrive.....if anything it may feel cold initially when you arrive and I have fans at every station if you need or want. Once you start working out you will be happy with the environment/climate in my gym.Type your paragraph here.

Q: If I sign up can I cancel and switch around if I need to? My schedule and my wife's schedule is crazy. I need to know you have flexibility.

Q: What are your hobbies?  What do you like to do outside of the gym?

A: Well I moved to California for the beach and weather so I love the ocean and the beach in the summer. I am a car enthusiast and just got a new car I love so I take it out on weekends up and down the coast. I love the movies and trying new restaurants in the South Bay. I am hoping to get a dog in 2018.  I love Golden Retrievers.

Q: Do you train kids and if so how young?

A: I do train kids. From the age of 10 and up kids can start a light weight training/cardio program.  What a great way to get your kid stronger for a sport. I can also create workouts that will strengthen the specific muscles your son or daughter will be using whether that is soccer, water polo, baseball or football. I train Mira Costa!

Q: I already do Yoga and Pilates why do I need weight training?

A: Nothing and I mean NOTHING is better than weight training for building strong bones and muscles and building bone density. Yoga and Pilates are great but a weight training program would be such a great addition to your fitness regimen, for both male and female and young and old.

Q: I need to lose weight can I come in early for extra cardio?

A: 100% Yes. I encourage clients to come in early and warm up. You can come in up to 20 minutes early to warm up/watch TV and burn some extra calories.

Q: What do you attribute your success and longevity?

A: "I think my clients like how I engage with them. Motivation doesn't come from yelling at someone. Everyone has to be handled differently. We have fun in my gym. We will laugh but overall I am 75% serious and 25% fun. I also think people appreciate consistency. I am always reading, learning and watching videos of other people in the industry so I  can bring that to my gym. I don't know everything so I am always looking for ways(safe ways) to make exercises new and fresh. I'm real."

Type your paragraph here.

Q: Are there other trainers that work there?

A: No


A: All of my clients cancel and switch around. One of the advantages of training clients in small groups(5 max), as along as I have 4 in a group or fewer I can slot you in. It is a win-win for both of us. You get to keep your workout continuity. Being flexible is a must for my clients.*Training 5 clients at once is rare but it does happen on occasion depending on the day and hour. Trust me you will get plenty of my attention and guidance and support.....that is my job! 

Q:I have heard good things about weight training but I am really paranoid as a female about getting big and bulky muscles. Can you assure me I won't?

A: I can assure you that we will use weights that are appropriate for you.....not too light but not too heavy and most times doing 15-20 reps keeping the rep count high. There are exceptions to this of course.... but you will NOT get big bulky muscles.  For guys wanting to put on muscle we certainly can make that happen for you!

Q: I don't like working out with other people do you offer private 1-1?

A: If you want to pay me over $200 an hour we can see if we can make that happen. 99.99% of people would not. Group training brings the price down for everyone and gives you flexibility to slot into other times(4 or fewer) should you need to cancel or reschedule a session which is almost everyone. Everyone in my gym is friendly and working on their own program I am coordinating. No one is focused on you I promise.  You need not worry about group training. Your workout has nothing to do with anyone else's workout. 

Q: I don't need a towel in my Pilates class. Will I need one here?

A: You WILL need a towel here. You will be sweating and if your not sweating chances are your not working hard enough.

Q: Do you play music?

A: I play the best music....trying to play a mix based on the age group being trained. I have mixed playlists as well and Pandora and Spotify. Music you know and enjoy that is motivational.