Cities served:

Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, Lawndale, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Palos Verdes, Playa Del Rey, Marina Del Rey,  Los Angeles,


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      How it works:

Your goals are my goals. When you come in we sit down and discuss what you want to achieve. With that information a program is designed for you and tailored for your specific needs. I will work with you and listen to you and guide you along as you get stronger and stronger as the weeks go by. Together with your feedback,  I will continue to tweak things and make gradual increases keeping your muscles guessing, mixing high reps and higher weights and mixing exercises continually. For your muscles to respond they must be pushed and kept guessing never becoming complacent.  In my gym you are not just a number here. Your progress means everything to me. I will listen to you and  work together with have my word.

What we offer:

9 to 89

All Ages Welcome!


  • A Complete Private Gym which has the newest and most modern equipment
  • Complete Line of Cardiovascular Equipment
  • Personal Training/Private Training
  • Full-body Variable Resistance Circuit Equipment(free weights/machines)
  • The Best Music(spotify/pandora/playlists)

  • FULL 60 minute workouts
  • FREE Nutritional Support
  • Spotless environment
  • Consistency/Reliability



Your kids will love this!

"I  will do everything in my power to give you the best  workout possible.  There really is no magic formula or secret to it. Come in on hard, have a clean diet and do your cardio and you are well on your way.  I promise if you call me and we meet, and you see my gym and you give me a chance to help you,  you will not regret it.  Unlike other business owners who are absentee owners, I personally enjoy being fully involved in helping my clients and being involved in EVERY aspect of my gym."

Bring a're going to need it!  

                                               Mark Gontar




Mark Gontar

​                      Overview:
I have 30 years in the fitness industry. 24 years training clients full time and 20 years
in the same location in beautiful Manhattan Beach. Park your car and walk 4 steps into the gym and you are working out instantly! Bonus cardio prior to your workout is just one of the perks at Body By Design. I am here to give you more....not less. If you like the idea of "cross-training" you will LOVE this! I 'invented' might as well call this 'criss cross training', because I don't always know, until I tell you, what is coming next. I encourage my clients to come in early for extra cardio. If you like a mixed up workout you will definitely like this. I promise to work with you, giving you your best workout within YOUR bodies limits. You definitely will know you were here the next day!